Main Features

Events Search

Looking for a particular event? With JoyHub discover events nearby and/or explore events by category. Just let us know what you’re looking for and discover the right events for you. Get ready to meet, greet and connect with people just like you.

Events Creation & Participation

JoyHub lets you can create both private and public events. Once you are part of an event, you can share photos/videos, view other guests’ profiles and add people to your social network. Why not also take part in the group chat? Share your interests, concerns and so much more!

Share & Connect with Friends

Build, maintain and grow your social network. Why not invite friends to download the JoyHub app? And stay in touch with the people you connect with through events. You can view your connections’ posts and event schedules, chat one to one and suggest friends. It’s all about linking with like-minded people.

Personal Site

With JoyHub, you can start your blogging/diary journey. Share your moments with friends and receive feedback and likes.

It’s time to get social with JoyHub.

Introducing the app which lets you create, discover and enjoy events. Share photos and videos with other attendees, make new friends and connect with old ones, post about exciting moments and stay on top of your social trend. With JoyHub, it’s all about building your social identity, network and taking control of your social life.

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